Maw’isal (in Siraya language) means "together"; Kau-Puê (in Taiwanese Hokkien) means "to accompany each other" to develop good friendships; and 共下 Kiung Ha (in Hakka) means "together".
400, when representing a unit type,
can be a measure, or something far beyond.

For example, 400 meters represents exactly one lap of a standard outdoor running track. 400 can also be an ISO speed for camera film or the number of calories in a bowl of braised pork rice. Therefore, how can we interpret 400 years in terms of life in a city? If we view Tainan as a unit of measurement, what do we get when we add 400 to Tainan? In Tainan 400, we invite you to create your own way to measure Tainan’s culture from a 360° panoramic view for 365 days. Experience and define the city intimately, using your own imagination and your own mode of travel.

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Tainan 400 Summer Side Mission \ Southern Summer Time \ Image Video

The ultimate summer gathering of 2024, integrating various major events of Tainan 400 summer activities. It encompasses a wide range of performances and exhibitions, creating new summer outing options for all ages with three main themes: family fun, arts and cultural exhibitions, and outdoor activities.
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The theme song of Tainan 400, "Slowly Transforming Tainan" by Xie Mingyou ft. Dazhi

The theme song "Slowly Transforming Tainan" is performed by Tainan's local Golden Melody Award-winning Hokkien singer, Xie Mingyou, and the renowned rap artist Dazhi, both natives of Tainan. Together, these two generations of musicians depict the charm of life in Tainan.

Tainan 400 Event Brochure

Tainan 400 is an action aiming at setting the city on a path of growth and
prosperity for the next 400 years based on the development, culture, and
history of the past. The core values “cherish the tradition, define the
contemporary, envision the future” cover the whole themes of the action.
Collective efforts have been made by both public and private sectors to
achieve identifying the future outlook and foresight planning for a sustainable
Tainan through the process of rediscovering the past and positioning

Create your exclusive Tainan 400 invitation card

In 2024, Tainan 400 will host a series of cultural events organized by the city government. With a diverse range of activities, there will be something for everyone, whether you prefer lively or more tranquil experiences. Every event promises to be exciting! Tainan 400 invites you to create your own personalized e-invitation and join us with your family and friends to celebrate in Tainan together!